Posteado por: Arnold Cruzado Ruiz | agosto 19, 2008


In this little space, I’d like to talk about an issue which is threating our planet, the climate change, and what can we do to reduce our contribution to the climate change.

Since some years, everybody talks about this topic because it’s well-known around the world but it seems to me that even though we hear and read that, we haven’t done anything yet. But why?. Because we haven’t understood the concept completely. For that, I’ve decided to divide this article in two parts: In the first one, I’ll explain, just in simple words, what the climate change is and in the second part, I’ll suggest some advices that help us to reduce the global warming.

Well, what’s the climate change? As we know, the rays of sun warm the Earth, keeping our planet warm enough to support life. But what’s the problem? The problem is that over the last century, human beings have released more and more carbon dioxide and other toxic gases into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels and cut down forests. These additional gases have modified the natural balance of our atmosphere. The result is global warming which brings serious threats from flooding to the spread of disease and, of course, the climate change.

What happens when the global temperature rise?

  • Rising sea and ocean levels increasing flooding during storms.
  • More incidences of wildfires
  • Change in the forests, natural ecosystems and biodiversities.

But, have you ever asked yourself when we release those gases? According to the scientists, when we drive a car, use devices with electricity, throw too much trash away and don’t recycle it. Well so what can we do to avoid the climate change and reduce our contribution? Keep in mind that there are several things we can do in our everyday-life.

  • We should try to use energy-efficient bulbs in our house. It’s obvious that the energy-efficient bulbs are a little more expensive than the normal bulbs but if we look forward the energy-efficient bulbs are 8 times more durable than the normal.


  • We could unplug devices or gadgets that are not in use. To give you an idea, it’s not enough to turn off the TV, radio, computer or our DVDs because if these are connected, these still consume electricity and release gases that we can’t see.


  • Turn off the faucet when we brush our teeth or when it’s not in use. Also we can do the same when we take a shower and use the soap.


  • It’s important to turn off the lights when we leave a room. Take into consideration that we don’t practice that so it’s necessary to pay attention in this point.


  • If it’s possible, don’t use devices or gadgets with batteries because consume too much energy. Or if you have to use, try to use it completely and throw it out suitably.


  • Try to use our own bags when we go to the store, the market or anywhere instead carry many products in several plastic bags. As we know, plastic is not biodegradable and if we use it a lot, we contaminate the world.


  • Try to sort out and recycle the trash. We can recycle papers, plastic, glass products and cans or in other case put them in specific places like supermarkets, malls or some companies.


  • Dry your clothes on clotheslines. There are some wash machines which it can wash and dry but it’s better to put the clothes in a clothesline.


  • A basic advice is to take care of green areas and also plant a tree. There is an old phrase: “Everybody should do three things in the life, before died: Make a family, write a book and plant a tree” so you decide, it’s up to you.


  • The last advice is easier than others. Take short walks and use les public transportation in order to reduce pollution in the city. We should ride a bike instead use a car; it’s not a polluting agent and you can be in a good shape.



Well, I wonder why nobody want to do anything to avoid the danger and I guess it’s because when we do or practice something, we want to see the results quickly but when we talk about the climate change, the results will be seen twenty or thirty years later so depend of us, if we take an active role now or not.

To conclude, I want to paraphrase Nelson Mandela. Last July 18th was his birthday and in his speech he said something interesting: If you want a better family, a better neighborhood, a better community, a better country, a better planet and if you want to be a better citizen, all of those changes are in our hands. We have the power, but depend how we can manage this power. “The actions we take in the next several years will determine the kind of world our family, our children and grandchildren will inherit”.



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